Stock Market Calculator

When I started doing my trades in the market, I was only using the calculator on my computer or on my mobile. Sometimes if I was too lazy to do either, I'd switched to Excel and let it do the math for me. What I only need to do back then was to fit the… Continue reading Stock Market Calculator


Lessons Circumscribe Market Psychology

This is a compilation of my learnings in the stock market as I progressed from being a neophyte to a profitable trader (WOW!). TRADING PSYCHOLOGY 1. Protect your capital. Losses are inevitable. However, when you do trading you must have calculated the risk value involved. In my case, I can easily grasp losses/gains demonstrated in figures… Continue reading Lessons Circumscribe Market Psychology


I've been away for quite some time. Some things kept me from doing the things I really want to do. Just one flicking moment from being away, I realized it's all about time management and setting my priorities. If I continue the procrastination and divertissement, my goals remain a dream. Why would I waste my precious… Continue reading Odyssey